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Holistic Medicine for Dog and Cat Health

Many pet owners are concerned about their pet’s diet. With all the focus on how people should be eating healthy and getting proper nutrition, they want to do the same for their pets. The quality of your pet’s food can make all the difference in not just his coat and his teeth, but can do wonders for his joints, his heart, and his all around health. However, just like people, pets can benefit from supplements as well, and there are specific formulations that have been created to treatment of various health problems.

Many owners prefer to limit their pet’s exposure to powerful chemically-created pharmaceutical drugs. At pet owners can choose from a variety of holistic supplements for dogs and cats to treat them for various ailments, and all products have been veterinarian approved. On the website, pet owners can search by canine diseases and ailments like arthritis, burns, fleas, heart conditions, kennel cough, ringworm, urinary tract infection, and more in order to find supplemental formulations that are available for treating their pet.

The top selling products for dogs on www.nhvnaturalpetproducts.com start with ES CLEAR, which is a supplement to boost the immune system in dogs who are undergoing cancer treatment. RESP-AID is for dogs with bronchial infections and other respiratory disorders. Milk Thistle is for dogs with liver problems, and SUPRAGLAN is for canines with Cushing’s disease and Addison’s disease. TRIPSY is for kidney and renal disorders. Cat owners can search through the list of feline ailments like asthma, bladder infections, cysts, hairballs, joint pain, and parasites to find holistic treatment formulations.

Top selling cat products on If you love pets you have to check this out begin with MELLIT, a supplement for cats who have diabetes or pancreatitis. Milk Thistle is for cats with liver disease. TRIPSY treats renal, kidney, and urinary disorders in cats. RESTHYRO is for cats with hyperthyroidism.

All products are certified as organic by the USDA and by PACS. These are natural remedies made with natural ingredients in a lab that meets strict requirements for safety and purity. The two veterinarians who have formulated the products have extensive experience in clinical research, herbal medicine, pharmacology, and ayurvedic medicine. The website is If you love pets you have to check this out.